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The UAW’s commitment to improve the lives of working men and women extends beyond our borders to encompass people around the globe. Through vigilant political involvement and coordination with world labor organizations, we continue to fight for enforcement of trade agreement provisions on human and worker rights, fair labor standards and a new approach to international trade -one that raises the quality of life for working people worldwide.

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Covid-19/Coronavirus Resources for UAW Members

Message from Rory R. Gamble, President of UAW
As the United States is faced with the Coronavirus known as COVID-19, I feel it is important to speak to this topic with all our UAW membership.

I want to be very clear that we do not take this matter lightly. In detailing some important actions that our UAW is taking relative to the virus; I want to assure our brothers and sisters that we continue discussions daily to ensure the necessary steps are being taken to maintain a state of preparedness.

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