Ford Assembly Plant Agreement




Active Employees (ETAP)

$8,000 per year for college credited classes towards a degree

Book Reimbursement:

$400.00 (of the $6,000) per year for book reimbursement

Retired Employees (RETAP)

$2,000 per year for approved classes

Retirees can take classes offered to the active employees on a space available basis at the Plant, Local or Region they retired from or another Ford facility offering classes to the active employees.

If no Ford facility is available within a 50 mile radius of the retiree; the retiree can take a college credited course towards a degree-from an approved college or university in the area.

Laid Off Employees

Workers on Indefinite Layoff will see a $1000 increase depending on their seniority at layoff:

·         1-3 years of seniority: $7400

·         3-4 years of seniority: $8400

·         4-plus years of seniority: $9400

Application Deadlines

It is strongly recommended to apply in advance so you are sure your selected class is approved.

ETAP (Active Employees) – Applications must be submitted no later than 45 days after the start date of class.

Book Reimbursement must be for an approved college credit course, applied for after the official drop/add period has ended and submitted no later than 90 days after the course start date.

RETAP (Eligible Retiree – Tuition Assistance) – Applications must be submitted no later than 45 days after the start date of the class. No book reimbursement or on line courses for RETAP.

NVRAP (Laid Off Employees) – Applications must be submitted no later than 45 days after the start date of the class

Labor Studies Classes (Active and Eligible Retired – Employees)
Requires pre-approval

Tuition Reimbursement

Only for active employees who attend an approved school that does not accept the Tuition Assistance Approval Voucher


The Active/Retired/Laid off employee must submit an original official tuition voucher to the provider within the 90 day period of the class start date and follow up to determine they have billed the tuition assistance department

Vouchers expire nine (9) months after the start date of the class. No payment will be made for providers beyond this date.

Please note that employees are responsible for assuring the school has billed the Center and that payment has been received Unused vouchers must be returned to the Tuition Assistance
Department with VOID written on them to have your account adjusted and class voided.

Additional Resources to Aid In Scholarships