Attorney's are available
at the
Union Hall
every Thursday
1:00pm - 5:00pm
for consultation.
You may click
above to go
directly to their site
The North American Emergency Hot line # 1-800-603-3673
UAW Window Stickers
are available
at the Union Hall. Stop in
and get you one
Lawn Signs are now
available at the Union
Hall stop in and get one.
ditching debt
work or retire
                  The following classes are being offered

The Understanding Credit, Managing Debt
Workshop will help you
reach your financial goals.  You will learn how to budget and spend
according to your priorities and in return, you will have a peace of mind.

The Work or Retire Workshop will answer the question, “Should I stay
or should I go?”  You will be able to decide financially and emotionally if
you are ready to retire.
$10.00 SOX Tickets available at
the Union Hall
Our New Community  
Services Ramp Building
project Truck
and latest ramp project built
for  member

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