Legislative arm of the local union and the vital workplace political activator. The agenda includes
issues that affect working families

Civil Rights Committee - Members of this committee fulfill the local union's commitment to
assure members' full rights regardless of religion,race,creed,color,sex,political affiliation nationality,
age,disability,marital status or sexual orientation. The committee works towards the elimination of
discrimination in the work place,community and Nation.

Community Services Committee - This Committee works through public and private
organizations to assure that members faced with problems in emergency situations get relief when
needed. Strike insurance benefits are handled by this committee when local unions are forced to
demonstrate their economic strength.

Conservation and Recreation Committee - Members of this committee provide a variety of
opportunities that fall into two categories. Recreation, which includes leisure time activities such as
picnics bowling leagues and etc.. Conservation, which includes environmental concerns such as
clean water, developing parks and other environmental concerns.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee - This committee set out the rule by which the local
Union Operates with the constitution. Members of this committee are responsible for submitting
original and/or amended bylaw provisions to the local union membership for discussion and
approval. The committee monitors the required local union bylaws amendment procedure to
ensure compliance with the current bylaws and constitutional provisions.

Consumer Affairs Committee -  Members of this committee strive to keep the membership
informed on various consumer protection activities such as child labor, truth in lending truth in
packaging,advertising,utilities,consumer fraud and credit.

Education Committee - The education committee provides classes,materials and information
based on membership needs such as new membership orientation,leaders in action union
involvement and planning.

Union Label Committee - This committee helps to emphasize the importance of supporting
those goods and services produced by union under union won working conditions. This
Committee brings those products to the attention of our members.

Veterans Committee - The veterans committee is dedicated to advocating for political ans
social concerns of veterans.

Women's Committee - the women's Committee works to further the gains of women in the
as well as society. This Committee informs and educates to broaden the scope of traditional
women's roles.

Chaplaincy Committee - This committee works to support our fellow members during times of
stress,hardship and need. The committee does not exist to promote religion of any kind and
anyone with a caring heart can be a member of the Chaplaincy Committee regardless of religious,
gender or social backgrounds.

Skilled Trades Committee – This committee voices concerns with respect to skilled trades
issues and is involved with community outreach where their particular skills may be of use.

News Paper Committee - This  committee puts together a publication that informs and
educates the local membership. Members have experience in writing, graphic design, websites
and social media.

Solidarity Committee - This committee works in solidarity with the other unions and working
people struggling for fairness, respect and justice on their jobs and in their community.

Worker to Worker - This committee is a program that must reach all levels of our membership.
To accomplish this formal structure endures that every member will be contacted. This committee
will consist of one coordinator, organizers, communicators and members to communicate with the

Motor Cycle Committee - The UAW Motor Cycle Committee is a non profit organization who that
is active sponsoring local charity events raising money for charitable organizations such as VA
hospital batter womans shelter, homeless shelters, children's centers and various other youth

Chris Pena