Chaplaincy Committee
A dozen Roses Feb 2012
Amazing strength March 2012
Be the best you can be June 2012
Control or be controlled July 2012
Hang In there Sept 2012
Have Faith April 2012
He'll catch you May 2012
Inner light August 2012
Loyal Friends January 2012
Only if I could Nov 2012
Thou  shall not whine Dec 2012
Inspirational Verses
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The Worry Table January 2013
GOD'S Flight February 2013
Dreams and Wishes April 2013
Directed Discipline May 2013
He will catch you June 2013
May you have enough July 2013
Standing  in the gap August 2013
Spread your wings September 2013
Different but the same October 2013
Perception November 2013
Christmas In A Nutshell 2013
Who's holding you up? January 2014
Don't Be Afraid Feb 2014
Stargazing March 2014
Just stop and say thanks April 2014
Talk To GOD MAY 2014
The Someone who Always cares June 2014
GOOD  From A to Z July 2014
Don't Be Alone August 2014
Uniqueness September 2014
Changing The Past  October 2014
Thankful November 2014
Shine Christmas December 2014
The wind beneath their wings January 2015
Life Is February 2015
Blessings. March 2015
Decisions April 2015
Thou Shalt Not Whine June 2015
Greatness Emerges Through Diversity July 2015
Prayer for  A Friend August 2015
Your Special November 2015
Amazing strength October 2015
'Tis The Season To Be Jolly December 2015